Thought-Provoking Ideas You Can Discuss in a Research Paper

If you’re told to compose a research paper, it’s recommended to generate an interesting and thought-provoking topic for your study. Otherwise, you might impress your teacher and earn a high score for your academic task. If it’s difficult for you to generate a great subject of discussion on your own, you may choose an idea from a list of example topics and approach it from a new angle.

A Collection of Thought-Provoking Research Paper Topics

  1. The effects of gay marriages on the society.
  2. The justification of American invasion in Iraq.
  3. Considering the death penalty as the punishment for rapists.
  4. The need to allow women to be trained as soldiers.
  5. The effects of racial discrimination on the society.
  6. The need of restricting the time for airing adult advertisements on TV.
  7. The need for recycling plastic products.
  8. The distortion of news by media sources.
  9. The ways to deal with teen pregnancy.
  10. The legalization of euthanasia.
  11. The justification of abortion.
  12. Ethical issues related to animal testing.
  13. The reasons to prohibit cloning of people.
  14. The effects of consumerism on the society.

Advice for Selecting Research Paper Topics to Write About

  • Select topics that are interesting to you.
  • If you’re genuinely interested in studying a topic, your work will be much pleasant. Moreover, composing your paper with enthusiasm, you’re likely to create a better and more reader-friendly text.
  • Select topics that you’re familiar with.
  • Writing about something that you know plenty of information about is also a good idea. This approach will allow you to spend very little time on your study and be more focused on the actual writing. The quality of your text is likely to be much higher as a result.
  • Select topics that concern everyone.
  • Lastly, you may pick a topic that should be useful to learn about for everybody. If you conduct a good study on such a topic and present it well on paper, you’re likely to get the highest score from your teacher.

Keep in mind, however, that it isn’t advisable to pick the first interesting idea that comes to your mind. It’s better to generate several potentially great topics to discuss and show this list of ideas to your instructor. They’ll examine it and provide you with their opinion on what topic is better to focus on.

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