What Should You Know To Make A Proper Format Research Paper

Failing to properly format your paper can cost you grades. Once you get to College and University instructors expect that your research papers will be laid out following the rules of academic writing. If you fail to follow these instruction then chances are you’ll be severely docked grad points.

This is why it is so important for students to learn the rules of APA and MLA formatting. It is also helpful to learn the difference between these two scholarly writing styles so that you which one to use.

Here, UsEssayWriters presents you some easy remember points about APA and MLA formatting.


  • Most commonly used in social sciences such as psychology or sociology
  • Has a “references” page to list research sources located at the end of the paper
  • Works Citied Appears: Last name, first name
  • When citing information using APA the authors name is included within the sentence with the year of the publication following.
  • When citing sources without the authors name the publication date should be listed after the title of the resource.
  • When using length quotes the antidote must be indented.


  • Most commonly used in Humanities or subject classes such as English or Art History
  • Has a “works cited page” that lists all of the research sources at the end of the paper
  • Works Cited Appears: Last name, first name
  • When information is used with the authors name in MLA format the page number where the research as found must follow, no publication date.
  • When citing sources with the paper without the authors name then the authors name must be listed with the page number after the research is presented.
  • When using lengthy quotes the antidote must be indented two tabs

Format Similarities Between The APA and MLA Style

  • The paper must be double spaces.
  • All research information used in the paper must be cited
  • Any data used in the research paper must also be cited
  • Sources are listed with parentheticals
  • All sources used for the paper should be list alphabetically on the works cited or reference page of the research paper

Now that you know some of the important formatting aspects of the APA and MLA academic writing formats you should be able to successfully put together your research paper. Before you begin writing make sure that you clarify which style to use so that you follow the correct rules. If the assignment criteria does not specify, make an appointment with your instructor to find out.

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