How To Write A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper: Tips And Tricks

As you near the end of your paper, you may feel rushed to complete it just for the sake of finishing it. A lot of people overlook the importance of a strong conclusion, but the truth is, the conclusion is just as important as the rest of the content of your paper. Too often, students ruin a good research paper by not taking their time writing the conclusion. In a research paper, the conclusion should summarize all of the points you acknowledged in your essay. You should mention all objective facts in summary, and give the reader a brief synopsis to refresh them on the gist of your essay. Endings might not be your strongest suit, so here are some tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when writing your essay:

  • Remind the reader why the topic is important: Since there are so many angles and things to discuss in a research essay, it is easy for the reader to get lost and lose sight of the objective. Remind them what the paper is about, past all the points and supporting information used.
  • Restate your thesis: Your thesis is the sentence that really states your claim on the topic you are writing about. It should be short and concise, while still clearly explaining what your essay states. Your thesis statement should appear at least twice in your content – in the introduction, and in the conclusion. Whenever you repeat it, though, try to change up the wording a bit.
  • Review your main points: Going over the points you brought up helps the reader recall the purpose of your research. Do not go into detail; this is supposed to be brief and should only touch on the idea.
  • Explain the significance of the points and what they mean: If you have reached the closing paragraph without having spelt out the significance of all the research, take this paragraph to tell the reader why this is important. Tie your essay back to the introduction: Make your closing paragraph somehow tie back to the introduction. Maybe you can say something that parallels something earlier said. Avoid being too repetitive, though.
  • Make a call to action: If your research essay takes on the side of also being persuasive, you might want to end it with information on how the reader can get involved in the subject and work towards changing it. This can be through a fundraiser, charity, social action, etc. However, you can also buy research paper online at low price and save lots of time and energy.

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