The Best Ways To Start A Research Paper In Science

According to Redman and Mory, “Research is a systematized effort to gain new knowledge”. In simple words, a research is a means to expand the horizon of knowledge in a particular field by means of looking for facts, answering questions, solving problems, etc. Through this expansion, research reaches the further purpose of progress; progress of mankind and their society. Research allows us to discover new things, verify old facts, development of new means of approaching things and a lot more.

Establishing the need

One cannot just embark on a research of his/her choice and surely not for a university affiliated researcher. One must establish the need to conduct a research on a given topic; s/he has to show by means of a research proposal template. The research proposal template is a description of the research one is willing to conduct which is monitored by the supervisor. By means that template one has to show how his/her research can contribute to further studies or development of the field

Research paper example: the format

A science research could be either a field research or a laboratory. Either way, there is the call for written manifestation in both of them. This writing involves following certain rules and formats which contribute to the structural whole of a written paper.

A research paper must have, one, a title page consisting of your project name, your name and the name of your affiliated university. Following that, comes an abstract, which is a brief summary, impersonal, of your entire research. Thirdly, we have the body of your work. Because it is the body, it is accepted that there will be a lot of stuff to read, for which reason categorizing is advisable; also provide citations. Lastly, an appendix which is a page consisting of the references to several sources in your work.

Probable topics for research papers

Science is a major field of study and has been since thousands of years. Ideas for research paper topics in science are numerous and are still rising. Firstly, it needs to be mentioned that the term ‘science’ is being is used as a generic term for the combined field of physics, chemistry and biology and the hundred of underlying fields under each.

To provide a couple of topic suggestion:

  • Can Nanotechnology treat a disease like cancer?
  • A Research on Dark Energy in the universe
  • An approach to better prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
  • A study of the nomenclature of microbial organisms
  • What is Space Junk?

Research paper proposal template: external assistance

A research involves hours and hours of intense studying, cross-referencing, cross-checking and similar laborious tasks. It so often happens that a researcher in midst of such intense workload makes some silly technical mistakes that do not go down well with the supervising committee. While the study is remarkable, the candidate loses points of technicalities.

If the pressure is mounting on the shoulders, one can relax a bit by splitting your job between yourself and companies that employ professional writers, well versed in numerous research paper formats, who can take up the responsibility of compiling your work in the required structure in exchange of quite an affordable sum. However one must choose wisely before seeking such services as these mostly operate through websites, via the internet and there is a risk of fraud.

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